April 10, 2020

Catching up with myself

So I managed to waste yesterday almost completely. The thing is I only realized this after midnight. I didn't want to kill all my party members with all the dailies I had missed so I had a great and ambitious plan. Today I would do twice the work and only then check in with Habitica. It is probably considered cheating but I really didn't want to deal that much damage on my team.

I was really lucky, my mom did not ask anything of me so I could work in peace. It was fun. I usually do more than the minimum so doing twice was not too much of an effort. Though by the end I got really bored of Duolingo's funny example sentences read out in an emotionless voice. My favourites soo far are "Eine Biene!" mostly because of the exclamation mark and "Der Bär trinkt Bier" because it is a bit of a tongue twister and makes no sense. I mean what is a bear doing drinking beer?

Ah, the weather has been soo wonderful! I hate that we can't go out. I want to go on excursions in forests and mountains and check out all the plants that are waking up. My only consolation is our balcony. Our little plants are doing great and the wild grapes have a lot of leaves already. But they are no trees. I miss trees. Our street has a few but they are soo far from the fifth story.

Written by Aislene

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