March 25, 2021

Empty Feeling

I stayed up until 8am this morning reading through listings looking for roommates or an apartment. Nothing is within my price range, even if I spent all of the money I earn on rent alone... It's really scary and disheartening. After that I slept for nearly the whole day. I'm too depressed to start getting anything done, but it will have to be done sooner rather than later. I messaged a few people I met at the hospital to check in with them. Looked around for more resources. There really aren't any options for me left.

I also need to make sure I take the proper medications at the correct times. I just took mine, late, and they're kicking in so it's time for bed again now.

Jaysin never answered my message asking how he's doing. So that's good, I guess. I'm still shaken up by how quickly I was swept off my feet and duped like that...

Written by iyazo

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Posted On Mar 26, 2021

There's also, there's usually people looking for roommates there.

Maybe there are cities in your state that are cheaper than the main cities? If you're in California, then I think you're screwed, housing and rent there are extremely high anywhere and there's a rampant homeless population because of that.

Housing is tough. At least you are in an area where everyone speaks English and you can possibly negotiate prices. You have around 60 days to find a place right? That should be a good amount of time, hopefully you can find a place before then. The earlier the better.

Posted On Mar 27, 2021

@JustMegawatt Yeah I've been looking and nothing has been coming up in my price range...I've even gone so far to look at moving to a neighboring state and it's all basically the same (I'm from Pennsylvania) and no one is willing to negotiate down on prices when I can only pay maybe half of the asking price... I have closer to 50 days now and even though that seems like a decent amount of time it gives me that much more time to worry about what could go wrong. In the meantime I've been trying to keep myself busy by slowly going through everything I own and either packing or getting rid of it, because you're right, the sooner I get everything done the better things will be, hopefully. I know that getting into the local homeless shelter is difficult because space is limited and they have an entire screening process first. I'm worried I'll be out on the street for a while before I get in anywhere. Can't even call 211 (info line) because they won't help until you're literally on the street already. They won't help if you have a car to sleep in, a couch to crash on, or a motel room. Makes it seem really complicated to get in.

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