March 31, 2021

Slow Day, Tomorrow

Took today easy because I haven't been eating or sleeping very well. I almost got sick last night, but managed not to, keeping my pills down. I also was able to eat some trail mix which I have a huge bag of that I had forgotten about. Scott is coming over tomorrow around 2 and we're going to drop off donations at a local thrift store, pick up my medication, and stop at walmart for more supplies (though there's the slight chance that the thrift shop may have free boxes). I must have gotten rid of about half of my clothes and books. I have 3 big bags full of stuff and a box. Hopefully it all fits in the car ok. I know my friend lives in it which is a little ehhhhhhh (I really hope it doesn't stink...) but I think things will be alright. I guess I did at least get some packing done today, meditated, and set things up for tomorrow's plans.

The real thing I'm worried about is that I set up a meeting time to go over to the house and see my potential new room, tomorrow after 3pm. I have no idea what these guys are like, I don't even know their age range, just that it's a sober household and the pictures I saw of the shared downstairs space. There wasn't even actually a picture of the room, I assume because someone still lives in it for now, but it's the master bedroom at the top floor of the house....meaning it will be very similar to the room I have now, most likely- a pretty nice attic space. The house is only a few minute walk away, actually, and was likely built by the same people back in 1900 (the house I'm in is ooooooooold af). I can at least hope for that much- a similar space. I wasn't thrilled with this place when I moved in because of how filthy it was left, I just need to keep my expectations low. Jason was very stern about it being pretty much every man for himself. I'm also worried about getting rides to places, especially once restrictions lift and my doctors make me actually go into the office for visits again. I wish I could just do everything through a screen forever and not ever have to leave my space...once I actually have a space again. I guess if it comes down to it I can buy emergency food online and keep a storage upstairs like I do now. Laundry possibly not being within walking distance...I'm not sure what to do about that. I guess it's good that I still do have a decent amount of clothing. I hope Scott doesn't mind that he's literally my only ride. I don't want to make him feel used. He's a good friend, but a little too interested in me....perverted old man....but that's what I've got to deal with.

I also put out a message to get a quote from movers, hopefully I hear something back about that soon, too because that's going to be even more money. I might get trapped having to pay rent at both places if I move on the available date (the 15th), and if it comes to that I don't think I can afford to rent both places for a month. It's a tough situation. There's a slight chance that I may still be waiting on a stimulus payment because I'm on disability and don't file taxes, so that was the last bracket of people to get them for some reason I guess. That would really help save my ass, but I'm trying not to count on it in case I don't get it after all.

I'm soooooooo nervous about meeting John tomorrow. I'm not sure when I'll be able to meet Jason yet, if I even do before I move in... It sounds really scary, but last time I moved it was from a hospital into a new place with no one I knew. This could go very well. There's only one way to find out.

Written by iyazo

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