April 1, 2021

4th st and the Shippen House

I went to go see the first place today which isn't too far from where I currently am over on 4th st. It was a pretty small house, but the room was really big and nice- also free huge dresser I guess? The guy said something about having to interview more people and in my experience that's never a good sign... He seemed nice though. Just gave me a quick tour through and I didn't really have any questions he could answer.

But I just got news that I'll be having another interview over zoom at 2 on Sunday for the house that was like.....my DREAM!!!! Shippen House is an LGBT and disability friendly home with people who like to cook and garden together, and make an impact on the world and each other. Sound like my kind of people! People I can be friends with! The rent is higher there ($645 as opposed to $450), but it would totally be worth it (plus they have a washer and dryer and the other place didn't lol)

Downside is they want first and last month's rent which would be $1290, plus I need to figure out how I'm even going to be able to move from point A to point B still since I was quoted $1400 just to move a few streets over! Professional moving services are ridiculous- I feel like they're just there to suck up as much money as they can from the elderly and....the not-so-strong, like me.... Shippen House isn't available until May 1st, either, but the room is also on the first floor and only slightly further away, which might make moving fees less expensive (or at least easier than going up another flight of stairs). That place is at the top of my budget though really. The longer this is stretched out the longer everyone is stressed out... Hmmm

There is a slight chance that my friend, Scott, can call in a few favors and get some guys to move stuff for me. Jena isn't going to like that at all, but it may be what I have to do if they really want me out of here. My aunt said she would still be willing to pay them if necessary. .......actually I just got a reply! We have 4 guys (plus lil ol me) to help me move! I just need to give them notice before the move and rent the truck and pay for gas. That should make things very easy! One more thing out of the way that I don't need to worry about! Now all I have to do is pack and wait for that next interview.

This time I'm going to approach it more like a job interview. I think maybe that's what got me today. I was really quiet and didn't really ask much. I wore my mask, so not very expressive, but I did tell him I was definitely still interested in the room. I wouldn't be surprised if they chose someone other than me because the person I met with today didn't even seem to realize that I was transgender- it's a male household and while I was on hormones for a while, I still have a high voice and look pretty fem...

Unfortunately just had to deal with that from Scott today. He's nice, but he's one of those older guys stuck in the past and says things like "I can't see you as a man!" I correct him and he is trying somewhat, but still says things like this and doesn't understand that they're upsetting. Granted, I'm more nonbinary leaning now, but still, I'm trans. I can't rag on the guy too much though....he's giving me all of this help because he told me today that he was dying of stage 3 lung cancer and he wants to make the most out of the maybe 2 years or so he has left by spending more time with his friends and trying to do as much as he can to make other people smile. I wasn't feeling too great again today when I first woke up, too early yet again and unable to fall back asleep...I almost thought about cancelling, but I decided "nope, this needs to get done today, it should have already been done" and I'm really glad I went. He clearly needed to spend that time with someone who cares about him. He started crying because he said I had never looked at him before like I did when he told me that he has cancer, like he knows it's going to break my heart whenever he goes. There are people like him who will live forever on in my heart though. Good, honest people, who make me want to believe that tomorrow could be better. Today was just a stepping stone.

I'll see Scott again on Saturday, just to hang out for a little bit........so meanwhile I had better get packing. I think I've done enough for today though. Tomorrow I finally have therapy and will unleash the unholy floodgates of the mess that is my life upon that poor woman. The day after, I'll have that interview for Shippen House, and depending on how well that goes I'll hopefully be choosing my place to stay. I hope I get that option. I'm worried if I pass up on the cheaper first room that I could also end up without the more expensive room and then be struggling with nowhere to go again... It's a tough situation. I'm weighing my pros and cons heavily. Another is that I may possibly be allowed to bring my 3 pet rats to 4th st, but very likely not to Shippen House. The room at Shippen also has a weird slide close door which I'm not sure if it locks, no closet, and not a very good room layout based on the pictures I've seen... 4th st doesn't have super close access to laundromats, while Shippen has their own appliances in the house. Is it worth that extra amount of money to be around who I think may be likeminded people? Will I be able to survive on less than $150/month (excluding food)? Or should I just stick to myself and my rats and try to keep things cheap? I would be lonely at my new place either way, to be honest. I don't want to give my boys up. I had to rehome my last 2 colonies already due to moving and that really hurt. I would either have my rats in a house full of people who want nothing to do with me, or I could be alone in a house full of people who -might- want to become my friend... Not an easy call.

More good news is that my little fundraiser has been chugging along bit by bit with friends and strangers donating here and there. A few people I was at the hospital with have donated as well as some people from my church. The only downside is that facebook (or strype I guess) charges fees and has a hold on each donation for 6 days before releasing it, unlike paypal. I'll leave my links below again. It gives me slightly more hope that once the money is released I'll be able to pay rent with it wherever I end up staying. When I went shopping today I only went for the bare basics of what I need- boxes, storage containers, a dufflebag. I put back the shampoo and conditioner because...I can go without conditioner I guess, and I still have some travel sized soap left over for now.



Written by iyazo

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Posted On Apr 02, 2021

Good luck! Glad to hear you have prospects and I hope things turn out. Kinda sad that Shippen House wouldn't let you keep your rats though.

Posted On Apr 02, 2021

@Achaius Thank you! I'm really anxious right now, but just one more day and hopefully I can be a little more relieved after that interview. Honestly, if I got accepted into Shippen House I would barely be able to afford to keep my rats. That would put me a lot closer to a zero balance some months, as much as I hate to admit it. I'm going to make sure they end up in a good home no matter what. Sadly, that means I'm also trying to distance myself from them now, so that I can be less attached if they do need to go to another home. I haven't actually asked Shippen yet, the listing just said no pets which I assume means cats and dogs primarily, so I haven't quite given up on it yet- there's always the slight chance I -could- keep caged pets. I just don't want to end up totally heartbroken if I can't.

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