April 4, 2021

Interview With Shippen House

This morning I woke up in time for church. I lingered for a little while after to wish everyone a happy Easter, and then I went back to sleep for a bit. I was surprised I was able to fall asleep again since the sun had risen. When I woke up again it was time for my zoom meeting with the people at Shippen House. I told them how excited I was to be considered, asked questions I had written down ahead of time, and I think I did a pretty decent job with not freezing up. I got a little stuck when they asked what I do every day... I don't really do much of anything all day and I hope they don't see my unproductivity as a negative. I was able to mention to them that this house was my top of the list choice, so I'd like to hear back from them as soon as possible, and they said they'll try to get back to me by Wednesday. That sounds way too soon... and I've heard nothing from the house on 4th yet either. I'm really worried that neither place will accept me and I'll have nowhere to go... Not many other places popping up on my radar lately. I'm worried that I'll end up a complete failure...

But hey, it's possible that they liked me right off the bat. I mean...they had all of my info and then some including what kind of person I am, things that I enjoy, and want to come from living there, and they contacted me back so that's a good sign. I just need to be patient and wait until Wednesday. Who knows... Wednesday might be my lucky day (especially if I get that stimulus). I did remember some questions that I had later about payment, which I sent to one of the people at Shippen and after a while they got back to me sounding pretty positive, though they still said they would get back to me about the house again at a later time. I did get a bit of a tour and it's a very nice house. My room was originally an office space though and has a built in desk and bookshelf. The entire back wall is made of those thick glass cubes so a lot of light comes in. They said it's a very loud room because it's right next to the kitchen and the house is very acoustically loud in general, but I don't mind that. They said definitely not to the rats though... That makes me sad. I guess I need to find someplace else for them to go...

That's another tough situation because I don't want to post something too soon and lose them, and my mind, being here by myself. I don't want to post about them too late either and not have anyone able to take them in.

Written by iyazo

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Posted On Apr 05, 2021

I got my $1200 stimulus recently, did you get it? Or do we have another one for Wednesday?

Posted On Apr 06, 2021

@JustMegawatt Supposedly I should get it tomorrow from what I heard... If I don't get it by then, I guess that I don't get one. I just heard that it was the 7th for me personally as someone on disability who doesn't make enough to file taxes, that was for some reason the last bracket to get the stimulus. Still the same $1200.

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