April 22, 2021

True Ugly

Today was hell. I got steamrolled into trouble again because things I said were taken out of context. That post I made about how ridiculous it is that my landlord is asking me for more money... Well, I didn't realize that they didn't think to bother checking paypal to see that I had already paid rent weeks ago. I also didn't know that Glitch was the one who bought the hot tub. I had messages from Glitch and Jena when I woke up, berating me for what I had posted... As if I don't change my privacy settings for a reason. I knew someone had told them. I only found out about the hot tub in a message from Tony. I will admit, I was a little suspicious of him at first because I didn't know who else would have leaked my vent post to Glitch and Jena, but he said that he didn't do it so I said I believe him. I'm glad I did because eventually I weasel the fucker out.

Brittany Lewis, a friend of Glitch and Jena's who I've met all of twice. She left a long-ass post on my fundraiser page with a list of "everything I did wrong" which was blown way out of proportion, or just straight up lies at some parts because she doesn't know me or my side of the story at all. I just deleted it after barely glancing it over and reporting her for harassment. I actually should have screenshot the post first... I don't know why I didn't connect the leak with her immediately after that happened, but I was able to confirm it when I got a rude twitter response from her to figure out that's where she was stalking me from. Again I reported the harassing posts and blocked the account. She then made ANOTHER account and proceeded to harass me from there.

What kind of low-life does that? Makes multiple accounts just to harass someone? ...is she a fucking child?? Not to mention the fact that she was trying to sabotage my fundraiser... but doesn't she WANT me to leave?? That seemed really counterintuitive and I openly called her out for how dumb it was. I was already baited into being mad at this point, and I really can't stand ignorant/stupid people who don't mind their own business. So I told her yeah you wanna fucking go, you really wanna say "fuck around and find out" and make threats to ME of all people..? That's a bad move. That's a really bad move. This bitch isn't smart. I'm gonna fucking tear her apart if she comes anywhere near me. I don't understand her saying that I can "leave and go back to playing the victim" ...victim of WHAT? When did I ever say that? Victim of being stalked and harassed? Yeah, because I have evidence of it happening all day. Is it because I keep saying I'm going to be homeless maybe? But that's true.

I had to let my moving crew know in case she shows up here that I may need them as body guards. She seriously thinks I'm going to let her try to intimidate me though? Nah. She comes anywhere near me or touches my stuff I will get police involved, which I know she wants to avoid because of the whole ACAB thing, but.... yeah, not if she keeps stalking me and making threats. I will immediately go to the option she wants least. You get what you deserve is all I'm saying. Once threats and stalking starts you really can't come back from that. It's not a good look. This bitch really had nothing better to do all day than harass a mentally ill homeless person. That's really sad. What a disgusting human being.

Written by iyazo

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Posted On Apr 23, 2021

What if you went house by house, asking if they had a spare guest room to rent? You have a small income, so it might be doable. It sounds obnoxious, the failure rate for it would probably be pretty high, but if I had no other options, it's what I would do.

That is a lot of drama though. I told you roommates/housemates cause drama eventually, that's why I prefer living alone.

Posted On Apr 24, 2021

@JustMegawatt I don't think that's such a good idea...lot of unsafe people around and I was already recently abducted, no thank you.

The person who was harassing me doesn't even live here. We've met maybe twice. I don't know why they suddenly started shit or why they've been stalking my twitter

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