April 23, 2021


I've been waking up pretty regularly around 11am. I wonder if there's some kind of noise downstairs that happens around then that wakes me up no matter how late I fall asleep... I realized that Glitch was in the house last night and is staying for the weekend, so I've been making sure to stay in my room during the day. It's sad. I can't even go to the bathroom in my own house because I'm so afraid of them.

I got some random person who left a rude nonsensical comment on my fundraiser so I deleted it again. It really doesn't make sense that they're trying to sabotage that when it's my way out of here. Other than that no one else bothered me today. I saw that Tony had replied to the post on twitter that I made saying if they want to do this the hard way then I can drag this out. He asked what I was doing. I explained that Brittany had been harassing me, but I don't know if he believes me. I asked him if he was mad at me and he never responded because he chose to hang out with Glitch today. I was kind of depressed that he didn't respond to me at all and chose to hang out with her. I get that they're still friends, but I'm not going to be around much longer while she's here all the time...

I didn't accomplish much of anything today. Most of my packing is already done. Not much left to do. I tried a larabar and found out that I don't like dates. Most of them are made primarily from that and I don't like the taste, even though they're supposed to taste like different things. The clif bar I tried was slightly better, but I still probably wouldn't buy it again. I still have others to try, but I was a bit disappointed. Oh well.

I have at least one new place I plan to message tomorrow which is out near where I used to live, in Reading. There really hasn't been much popping up lately. They're all either out of my price range or aren't actually looking for a tenant for another few months. I'm pretty much out of hope when it comes to finding a place.

I've been having a real problem lately with picking my skin. I'll pick at a spot until it bleeds and I have little holes all over my arms now. One of them ended up getting infected and I'm not really sure what to do about that right now. I probably need antibiotics. It oozes, is a decent sized hard lump, is hot to the touch, red, and it hurts like hell to move my arm in any way because it's right by my elbow and the skin is very tight. I hope it just goes away if I can manage to leave it alone. I have some mupirocin which might work, but it might not. I got it because one of the places I scratch that also tends to get infected is my face, so if it's the same type of infection it should work. I also won't be tempted to pick at it if I put a bandaid on it. I had one on before, but took it off when I noticed how tight the skin felt and had to drain the wound.

Written by iyazo

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Posted On Apr 24, 2021

At least if you wake up at 11 AM every day, you can sleep at 11 PM and get 12 hours of sleep, That would be amazing.

Posted On Apr 24, 2021

@JustMegawatt I've tried, but I'm not sure my medicine will keep me out that long. I should try pushing back the time I go to bed to a more reasonable hour though. I might end up waking up even earlier, which I wouldn't like though. My depression and anxiety are worse during the day than they are at night, so being a night owl has been somewhat beneficial to me.

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