Feb. 25, 2020

From the phone

Ok, so let's see how fast can I actually type here.

We'll, today I wanted to talk about leadership. Leadership, the skill that everybody teaches, but not everybody want to learn, moreover, almost no one wants to practice.

I believe this is one reason why solo-entrepreneurs, or small companies are multiplying their numbers now a days, but most of them don't go the distance. It's just because people are able to fight against fear, overcome laziness and even change their habits, but what most of them are not willing to do (and probably will never be able to) is to Lead.

(BTW I'm sorry, I really think I need to begin this articles, or just write them without critizazing everyone or a group of people).

Anyways, Leading or managing people is just working through others, that's a great definition that I love because it's really general. There are lots of different types of leaders out there, and those leaders can be born or made, but they have on thing in common and it's looking, aiming and shooting to the future, and knowing or learning in the way that the only way to get there is with people.

Many people would say, oh no a leader is the one who cares about people, wrong. A leader is the one who it's always planning, wrong. And many other definitions like that can apply to some leaders but not all of them. The only thing that all of them have in common is actually wanting to change the future to their Will, this can be also the quality of a normal person, but it's the common quality of all leaders.

A leader cant be made out of just thinking in what he wants to do, but a leader it's borned when he or she it's moving towards it's goal, people starts following them and that poor bastard (sorry) doesn't now what it's coming for him. And yeah, he or she can be one of those stubborn guys, "naaa I can do this alone watch!" But, one day he realizes that there is no way he can reach that future, that goal, just by himself, and there comes the decision should I lead my way there, or look for someone who is going and leading through the same way and follow him, or maybe, just maybe I can try to lead people and make my own way.

Many take the easy way.

The easy way is boring guys. It's safe, it's not risky at all and it's comfortable. But it's boring.

The hard way, it's Damm hard, not comfortable, full of risks, tired as hell, sometimes lonely and really really competitive. I don't wish it even to my worst enemy. But it's fun and exciting. It's like life should be (for some, a few)

So. Lead people to make your way or follow others that are making their way (it might look like yours) anyway you might get to the same place, the difference will be the journey. And we all now this journey's name is LIFE


Written by johanam

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