April 28, 2021

Emergency Room

I sent pictures of one of my wounds to my aunt who is a nurse, asking her if I should go to the hospital. She said definitely yes, so as soon as I got up I showered and called a lyft. My lyft driver was like "Are you ok?!" And I'm like..... not really lol please take me to the hospital now thanks for charging me approximately 100x less than an actual ambulance and I wish that was an exaggeration

Last night I picked the scab on my left arm a bit too much and unleashed the floodgates of pus. There was also a jelly-like solid mass of a plug which I ripped out which is what loosed the rest of the pus. About a golf ball sized amount came out it was gross, but afterwards my arm was a lot less swollen and sore. I kind of wondered if it was a tumor I pulled out... I almost went to the hospital last night when that happened and I thought it wasn't gonna stop... I should have, because it still hasn't stopped.

The emergency room I'm in is weird, but it could be set up this way because of covid. I guess I've never actually been to the emergency room at this hospital before though.

They said they're waiting on a room for me. I didnt take my meds this morning in case they decide to put me on something else. Sign says "PLEASE Do Not eat or drink prior to seeing ED provider/physician" but I've missed a few meals and thinking about it... but I wonder how realistic it is that I may have some kind of surgical procedure or biopsy done then I shouldn't eat or drink ughhh

I am in so much pain. Been here 2hrs already. May update later...

5pm Update:

Been at the ER for almost 5 hrs. They took 2 xrays of my elbow because of how deep the abscess is and how much it's limiting my mobility. Took 4 vials of blood from each arm. Swabbed the open abscess to test it (it's still leaking so they put a puppy pad under my arm?? Lol). Did a covid test. Switched onto 2 stronger IV antibiotics which will take an additional hour each before I get to go upstairs to a room or anything else happens. Hopefully the bone or my blood isn't infected. They need to drain the abscess on my right arm at some point, which I'm dreading because I probably need to be awake for it, unless they do surgery. They aren't giving me food or fluids so that's a little troubling... They did just give me a little morphine though so I can actually use my fingers with less pain, but it only takes the edge off a little. Not sure if they're going to stitch up the abscesses or what...idk what happens next. Just waiting a couple hours for now.

Written by iyazo

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Posted On Apr 29, 2021

Wow that skin picking has really turned out to be something serious... Oh yeah, ambulance rides can be very expensive. Morphine made me feel so high and uncaring about anything, I've been on it before... It is an extreme high, especially to someone that has never even done weed

Posted On Apr 29, 2021

@JustMegawatt Weed isn't that powerful of a drug, but that said my metabolism burns off everything too quickly so I don't feel as affected by medications like those. It just allowed me to type without pain for a few minutes, I didn't feel high or loopy

Posted On Apr 29, 2021

oh geez, hope you're better soon. Also I feel you on the ambulance... recently my roommate went to urgent care for chest pain and they told him to go to the ER. They were like "we'll call an ambulance" and he was like nonono I'll just uber lol

Posted On Apr 29, 2021

@Achaius Working on it 💪 and yeah that was my thinking too, ambulances are SO expensive. So is just going through the ER. Hope your roommate is alright now.

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