April 16, 2020

On writing

"On Writing" Is the title of the book from Stephen King. Haven't read completely yet but I just wanted to give some acknowldege about this title jaja.

Well, now that I have prepared and work a lot in the preparation of what I want to write and how to write and everything, each time I feel prepared, I feel as I'm missing something. So I read more, or practice more or look for more tools. But the thing that I do less, usually, is writing.

And this is what happen with me (and I'm sure most of us). There is something wrong deep inside us, because the people that really want to improve themselves ,which is most of us, we love to make plans and lists and everything related to make the change that we want, but at the end of the day we end up with nothing more than a simple plan on how to improve ourselves.

And this can go on and on and on, but the question is, why do we do this to ourselves, is it fear? laziness? human nature?. I came to the conclusion that it is actually deep in ourselves that oblige us to do other tasks "related" to our goal that help us little to nothing in the progress towards it. And I'm not underconsidering the power of a good plan. But, there is a high chance that those lists of customers, that chart that you are doing, the to-do list that you have is more an obstacle to fulfill your goal than a tool to help you achieve it.

That's why lean models where made, plan as fast as you can and launch whatever you have to your market or audience. Then Iterate how many times you need.


My battery is dying so I'll just leave it here and try to execute for myself also.

Written by johanam

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