June 26, 2021

Please Stand By

I currently only have access to my phone. No wifi here... it's a new phone with a pay as you go type plan, (a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. Yeah, I decided go big or go home and I don't have no home lol) so luckily it's good enough to journal on, use the internet, and listen to Spotify at the same time. Right now I'm writing from the homeless shelter that I've been staying at. I'll explain everything... I'm working on digitalizing my physical journal which I wrote while I was in the psych hospital by rewriting it in my OneNote journal first and then posting it. I'll be continuing the journals from 5/19/21, so needless to say it will take a little while, but please look forward to it (I'll be editing this later as well)

Edit: I've updated through to May 25th. Not very many days, but it took a long time... I was planning on adding more details to the entries, but of course is forgot a lot of stuff or things would unintentionally be out of place in time so I just decided to keep the shorter entries as they are. I know there are a lot of names I throw around which can get confusing because in a hospital setting people come and go and it wasn't as if I wrote down every detail of the day... It just is what it is. I plan to continue updating and adding the missing past entries as I go along, keeping up with new ones. Lots of writing.

Today wasn't so bad. I didn't have much planned. I actually got up on time and wasn't out the door too fast that the community room wasn't unlocked yet, so I was able to go right in and settle down. Since I was one of the first people there I grabbed one of the few cushioned chairs and claimed it. I spent most of the day writing and eating. When I wasn't doing that I was walking. There's only so much to do when you're homeless. I constantly feel like I have simultaneously too much and not enough time. I go out for walks when I want to vape. I found a nice spot to sit on a cinderblock by some garages. I walked up a bit further and went to the grocery store. They don't actually have a wide selection, but I can get candy and soda there to supplement meals with my fucking $1500+ in food stamp money that accumulated all this time. The corner store up the street accepts it too which is good because I can actually get a lot more there- food or snacks that I can easily store, carry, and eat quickly. It's just a tiny corner store run by a little old woman who everyone calls Mom. Having gone to both stores today on my walks I have a decent bag full of snacks right now. My backpack is all paperwork, art stuff, and food. My "no bad days" bag is for meds and electronics and anything of value. You would think it would be the other way around with the way they look.

Tomorrow is Sunday, so I don't really have anything planned. Not much happens on the weekend here. In a lot of ways this place is similar to being at the hospital. I try to keep that thought from being too depressing. It's supposed to be pretty hot again tomorrow so I don't plan on doing much walking around.

Written by iyazo

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Posted On Jun 26, 2021

Good to hear from you! Glad you managed to find a place at a shelter.

Posted On Jun 27, 2021

@Achaius Only took for fucking everrrr honestly the only reason I was in the hospital so long is they couldn't find placement, first into the behavioral hospital and then into the shelter 🙄 figures...

Posted On Jun 28, 2021

Welcome back! $1500 in food stamps! Nice! That can last a good while

Posted On Jun 29, 2021

@JustMegawatt Thanks! Yup I seriously never need to worry about food. Just everything else...

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