June 28, 2021

Noodle Doodles

Got up early again without any prompting. Maybe it's the light coming on that wakes me up because lately I've woken up without my blanket over my head. Apparently our room got in trouble for someone vaping in the bathroom last night, so I need to be careful because I know it wasn't me- I don't use that bathroom. Plus my stuff smells like fruit, you probably wouldn't notice the difference between that and the different soaps and cleaning stuff used in a bathroom... but I caught Lana in the common area bathroom earlier with a vape. Looked like one of those bad disposable ones. I ain't sayin nothin though. I am in my lane. Trying to get upstairs and not going to let anyone fuck that up, although I heard that she was going up today or tomorrow too. So is Sarah.

I don't really know what the upstairs is like. I assume I'm going to have to make sure to wake my own ass up by at latest 7am everyday. No idea who I'd be in a room with. I heard they have two sets of bunkbeds per room only 3 feet apart, but someone else said it's a decent sized room with two queen sized beds, and I also heard it's a big room with both and 3-4 people to a room, but of course no one I ask has actually been up there so who knows. I also heard it smells bad and can be loud (because one lady apparently has like 900 children) but like... Can it really be worse than being in common areas with everyone all the time? I briefly mentioned it to Pastor Mark, who I cried in front of before already. He said that's something they can definitely look into. He asked if I want to have another impromptu deep trauma therapy session again. Whew...

1 thesselonians 5. Matthew 24. Bible study about Jesus coming like a thief in the night for gap class today. Other gap class was.... uhhh I don't remember it all seemed like the same shit to me because I went out and got high and then came in 20 minutes late... Oh! It was about the phrase "damn you" lol Uhhh Pastor Mark didn't come see me after that though so maybe There's A Reason. Or maybe I was supposed to stay in the chapel I dunno, but I left so maybe no weird religious trauma therapy...

I also got tricked into going to a damn doctors appointment. Thought I was just going to medical to see the nurse, but she sent me over to meet with an actual doctor and I was also high as fuck during that time so the lady was like well why are you here and all I could do was think about like ....damn why AM I here?? Fuck if I know. I wish I remembered my phone though if I knew it was gonna be an hour wait and having the weed kick in while I was in the office like Oh God It's Happening but really nobody noticed anything or said anything if they did was somethin. I think the trick is for me to just be high around everyone important all the time lol

After the last gap class I walked out and saw Sarah and Storm coming and we went to Mom's and I got a bunch of snacks. My bag is so full right now. I actually forgot about the ice cream until an hour or so later and had to slurp it up. I decided to get energy drinks today instead of just soda and it actually kept me awake. I didn't do any writing or go to the computer lab like I had intended. I chose to spend my time drawing instead and made posts about the art I make.

If anyone is interested, I draw cool (mostly furry) stuff from $5+ from sketches to fullbody in ink/marker (color or monochrome options). I also do custom character designs. Feel free to DM me for a quote!

I did get one commission so far which I'm working on right now for my friend. I did some practice doodles today to get the monster's face and proportions right. I was honestly so excited to be asked to draw this noodle cryptid. And get paid for it. Living the dream. I wanted to go to the park and draw but I had to charge my phone (needed those reference pictures) so I just sat there and vaped until my vape died and went back.

Not a bad day, honestly. Kinda scares me something bad is gonna happen...

Written by iyazo

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