July 4, 2021


I feel like a lot happened today, but also nothing happened. Generally not much gets done on the weekend, let alone on a holiday. Not many people were around, so I used the time to do laundry finally. While doing laundry we have to stay in the building, so I was tied up for a little while while that was going. I unpacked my bag finally and put my other clothes away. They might end up going back to storage though since they don't fit me, but at least for now they're put away. I have to look for my belt and clothes from back when I used to weight this much before next time I go to my storage locker. I ended up accidentally skipping breakfast and lunch because I was both tired and busy. Still in a lot of pain from the weather recently, so I took things pretty slow and easy. I did some walking and dancing today. I got a lot done. At night the fireworks kept startling me, so I decided to sit by the window and watch them for a while. They went on for a long time even after I went to bed. Luckily the noise canceling headphones I have are actually pretty good and comfortable to sleep in (Soundcore Life Dot 2). It's so nice to have upgraded to something wireless so I don't have to worry about rolling around with a cord all night, too.

Written by iyazo

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