July 8, 2021

Eating snacks all day, is it good for you?

Eating snacks all day, is it good for you?

Guilty! I can't help myself.

The diet world is a very disorganized online theme, people read this and write their own thoughts, people try some of that, and works wonders or people just finish uploading crazy unscientific data to get views or followers. 

As a person of reason (yes, I tell that to myself, maybe it'll come true ok), I love reading facts. Usually, not a great thing to compel you to change your habits or nasty diets, but, at least it gives me the basis of what I should be eating and whatnot. 

And admit it, we all have a sweet spot for snacks, either your crunchy lays, the sweet and delicious cookies, or some fruits here and there (let's hope), we usually tend to eat between meals because of a combination of hunger and psychological factors.

If it's good or wrong to do it, well, is a question of preference. According to healtline.com "Eating a snack is better than letting yourself become ravenously hungry. This can lead to poor food choices and excess calorie intake."

One of the benefits of snacks is to help you stay mildly full until the next big meal so you prevent yourself from over-eating. They can also give you energy before or after intense physical training, which, for some, is very important to maintain your sugar levels.

But the most important thing about snacks is what will you snack on. "choosing healthy snacks that are high in protein and fiber helps reduce hunger and keeps you full for several hours."

The best snacks you can eat between meals should be dense in protein and fiber. In this way, they can help you to decrease the amount of food you eat in your next meal.

Some delicious examples are:

  1. Any type of nuts
  2. Greek yogurt with berries
  3. Celery or carrot sticks with cream cheese
  4. Healthy beef jerky
  5. DRY FRUIT! 

Dry fruit is one of the best options to eat as a snack as it is very convenient, needs no preparation and you can eat everywhere you are without making a mess. 

Flovers is a brand that makes 100% natural leather fruit with mango and different delicious combinations to eat all day. And is also great to get energy and natural sugars before any exercise.

Tips for healthy snacking (from helathline.com)

To get the most out of your snacks, follow these guidelines:

Amount to eat

In general, it’s best to eat snacks that provide about 200 calories and at least 10 grams of protein to help you stay full until your next meal.


Your number of snacks varies based on your activity level and meal size. If you’re very active, you may prefer 2–3 snacks per day, while a more sedentary person may do best with 1 or no snacks.


Keep portable snacks with you when you’re out doing errands or traveling in case hunger strikes.

Snacks to avoid

Processed, high-sugar snacks may give you a brief jolt of energy, but you’ll probably feel hungrier an hour or two later.

So in conclusion:

Snacking can be good in some cases, such as preventing over-eating in the main meals but the best way to approach it is by eating healthy and knowing exactly what you're eating.

Written by johanam

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