July 9, 2021

Permission to Nap

Today I made the active decision to do nothing. Well... I didn't do Nothing completely. I just slept in as late as I felt like it because I already met my class requirements for the week. So I don't *have to* go on Thursdays if I don't want to, I guess? I would have waken up late anyway because I slept through my alarm. I don't think it went off properly because my headphones died and my phone was still linked to them. It's been having weird issues being either connected or not... So I woke up around noon incredibly sweaty and gross feeling. I decided to get up and focus on doing one thing at a time slowly. I folded my clothes and put them away, took out the trash, and made a couple phone calls. After that I was free.

Today was a windy, stormy day, so I couldn't really go out. I didn't even want to go to the cafeteria so I just went into the kitchen and had leftovers that I saved. I put my bananas on the counter so hopefully someone will eat them. If not they're just gonna get thrown out... That's a waste.

I've been working on designing a new character lately. It's kind of developed into at least two characters at this point. I want to get them solidified and make reference sheets for them. A friend of mine would really like one of them- a toon bunny robot thing called Creepfodder who is meant to just be disgusting on purpose. The other one is a sleepy lil guy named Mono. I dunno if they're a dog or a bunny or what. I'll keep drawing them and see how things develop.

I stayed up until midnight for BTS to release Permission To Dance. It's... ok. I wasn't expecting to like it as much anyway because it was produced by Ed Sheeran and not actually BTS?? It's another song completely in English. Which is fine, ok sure, accessibility is great. Love the ASL they added into the choreo of the video. But it's just not my favorite. Eh. I should taken my meds and waited to listen to it when I wake up. I'm gonna be tired as fuck tomorrow. I have to make sure I'm awake for chapel at 9am...

I want to stay up and keep drawing also...


I wanna dance

The music's got me going

Ain't nothing that can stop how we move

Written by iyazo

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