July 9, 2021

Explanation about these daily blogs vs daily journals (START WITH WHY)

I've been writing some articles for me to practices my writing skills and get going a nice habit of writing and reading. I know that these articles might not be suited for here but I still love Ayearago.today as it is a very simple website to share things and then to download everything, but most importantly with a very nice community.

I use other tools like

  • my physical 5 min journal,
  • My physical idea journal (which is so hard for me to use daily)
  • My physical notebook to write random notes and tasks.

Plus, my digital tools:

  • Evernote (main huge archive)
  • writer.bighugelabs.com (great to focus in just writing)
  • medium.com where I'm starting my "blog". (link below). (I'll be doing my own in Wordpress soon, I hope)

All of this is because I want to create a real, big boy style, blog about mostly finances, in the beginning, but in the future add some other things like personal development, entrepreneurship, productivity, investing advice, etc.


It is my goal to be able to travel to different countries and create some, self-sustained, small businesses (with the opportunity for growth) so I can put my expertise in businesses and management and leave for the next adventure a few years after that.

For this, I'm aware of the implications, that's why I have been studying and working this past 3 years in investments (which I have grown substantially), but most importantly about different income streams. I am working in my trading, which is flat until now (if you don't consider investments), making businesses (I'm doing two here in Guatemala, one is a physical product, the other one is a course) and, of course, blogging.

Writing is simply good for everyone, but I realized that I really like it and I want to make it an important part of my life, just like I did with music, cooking, and some other side interests that I have but in this case, I want to build a bigger and constant part of my life and I will do it.

I've been trying and failing the last year, more or less, but now I want to go all-in.

Just wanted to put this in here for me and everyone. Please follow me in Medium if you can and let me know what you think about this approach? Do you think that ayearago.today is also for blog posts?


Written by johanam

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Posted On Jul 10, 2021

I don't see why not. I write pretty much anything I want here lol but you seem to have everything sorted out, so really whatever you want to write on here is up to you and how you've decided to keep things structured.

Posted On Jul 10, 2021

Sounds good for me, haha, and I'm not even close to having everything sorted out, but I try to give my best. Thanks a lot for the encouragement!

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