Feb. 26, 2020

Mmmm Traveling

I really hope I don't run out of subjects to talk about. Naaa, I'm sure It won't happen.

Today I was reviewing my google photos account (Love google) and it showed me the "what you did this date last year". I really love those ones because right now its showing me the great times I had in Boulder Colorado and the best time of my life. I called it "The introduction to my life" because I felt that it was the first time I was really living the life that I wanted to live.

But, also remembered me about how much I love travelling, travelling for me is not a desire that I have, it's something that I will do. I love traveling for many reasons, but the best reason I would say that is because it challenges me. While most people travel with enough resources and to get away from the normal life (I know this will sound as a cliche) I really travel to learn. To learn about myself, about people, about other cultures, about food, music, behavior, language etc. but for me the true challenge is to learn more about myself. You would be surprised how people learn about themselves when they are right in the edge. When you travel, you put yourself exactly there, as Elon Musk would say about entrepreneurship (I will talk about this other day): " It's like been in the edge of the chasm, balancing to death and chewing glass " That doesn't sound appealing at all right, but it's really what moves these people, it's really what moves me, the challenge and the fact do you are there balancing and that you are able to do it.

Getting lost (Really scary lost), going through hunger, sleeping in the street, asking for assistance to strangers, removing every embarrassed feeling from yourself. That is real traveling for me. Right in the edge. And it may sound crazy for many people and for sure, I wouldn't do it my whole life. But just to say "yep, I did that" just like when you climb a volcano and later on you go to the same place around it, you look up and you say to someone or even just to yourself "yep, I climbed that", that is the real reason why I do it and why I will do it constantly for some months, hopefully early next year, if not late next year or the next one, but I'll do it.

That is something that burns inside me like some other crazy physical things that I ought to do (some xtreme sports in crazy places)that make me feel a live. I will be doing this and sharing it through a traveler blog one day soon. And while I'm still here, lets Work the crap out of us ("Just do it" in nasty way to say it).

Written by johanam

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