Aug. 18, 2021

Weekly review Aug 8 - 15 "Ah Shit, here we go again"

Will I be Overwhelmed? Will I have another opportunity? Can I Focus on the important? Those are the questions for this week.

This was the movies and distraction week. Every time we reach a bottom it's just like bottoming in the market, you spend some time there wallowing in your defeat and failure. I don't know if it's necessary and I hope one day I can just jump back again and start over the next day. 

But right now, I stay down doing bad things, like masturbating a few times a day, playing video games the whole weekend (literally), or watching movies every day of the week. 

It's sad, but I feel that I actually need it to understand that I wasn't born for this, not to feel comfortable and hideaway because of the hardship of this world. 

On the contrary, it shows me that I was born to exert myself, sharpening my soul and my will with the hard stones that the world threw at us.  

This week was a rebound week, I enjoy the movies of course, but it wasn't the point at all. It worked to show me how I don't want to live my life. Talking with friends about dreams and goals, the routine they did last night, discussing good or bad movies, or remembering good all times and experiences. Nothing of that. I want to talk about the issues I found with my new product, I want to advertise my business everywhere and talk about the losses and plans that I'm working on to achieve my goals. And most importantly, I don't want to talk, I want to be working with my routine FOCUSING in what will bring me what is mine by right, what I was born to do, to become who I really am.

People (George, Boulder guys, etc) keep telling me: You'll do great things, You'll have money, You'll have success. I have to make them right.

So, not a great week for productivity, but a good week for the process. Trust the process

Written by johanam

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