Sept. 5, 2021

Down Day

There's a definite cycle in good and bad days for me. I managed to stay awake and be productive most of yesterday. I worked on a writing project in the morning, answered questions in a forum I moderate, made a journal entry here, and worked on a crochet project that's been gathering dust for weeks.

So, of course, today I'm exhausted and need a nap at 2pm. And by nap, I mean go to bed for three hours and wake up tired with a headache. I didn't actually do that, though. I pushed through the grogginess in the morning and then ran to the store at 12:30. By the time I got back and had lunch, I was dragging. I ended up falling asleep in my chair like a 90yo lady.

Okay, so I admit I didn't drink any coffee today. I'm not actually supposed to drink coffee because of my blood pressure and anemia, but this proves I'm non-functioning without it. I literally can't do anything because I'm falling asleep and napping does nothing to end the fatigue. I usually wake up even more tired. Sigh.

This fatigue is so bad that I could drink half a pot of coffee at 7pm and it would only manage to wake me up enough to make it until Ii go to bed at 11pm. At that point, I'd be exhausted again. I normally drink a half to a full pot of coffee in a day just to do normal stuff like dishes and watch TV without falling asleep.

My body and brain are such a pain, though, because they now think wake up time is 6am no matter when I go to bed or how rested I am. The latest I've slept in months was 8:45am. Normally I'm up at 7am most days. Which is good to make sure the kids get on their buses for school, but sometimes I wish I could sleep in and feel rested.

Hopefully since today was a fatigued day, tomorrow will be better. It has to be because I'm cooking burgers and hot dogs for Labor Day, and I still need to make eight more masks for the kids before Tuesday. It's all going to be a problem because we're out of coffee.

Right now I have to go make dinner which will make me more sleepy. I can't win.

Written by justanotherjen

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