April 21, 2020

Item reminder

"You didn't come this far just to come this far"

I'm pondering this quote as I can relate to it a lot.

These days I've been a lazy bum, losing my good habits and forming my old bad habits again. 

One of the best things that work for me is having a physical item that can remind me of how far I already get. To remind me of how many things I've done and the things that I've sacrificed to be here, the friends and mentors that I've made through the way and a hint of the bright future that is coming. 

It can be a card, it can be a toy or a check of some value for some people. Whatever it is make sure that it sums up all those good and bad things that made you the way you are right now.

For me, it is a bunch of cards that my best friends gave me a while ago. That always makes me feel way better and reading them yesterday reminds me of what I'm capable of and the friends and connections that I've made.  

Hopefully this week I'll be passing these daily posts to my blog so, let's hope for the best.


Written by johanam

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