April 22, 2020

A Curious Novice

Alright then, let’s do this:

“There are two ways to teach or to write content, one is to be the expert, and the other one is to be the curious novice — the second one 100% works, you only have to be one step above from your audience, and that step could be reading a book over the weekend.” -My first million, Podcast-

Curiosity is a type of force deep inside human nature. It’s what moves us to do awesome things and helped us to become who we are, to get better in human history and is an ability that you should always write down in your resume when looking for a job. It’s actually an ability not particular of humanity as most animals have some level of curiosity but what makes us special is that we can apply it and acquire knowledge from it.

The dark side of this force

But this awesome ability has us doing utterly unproductive things like reading or watching news about people we will never meet, learning topics we will never have use for, or exploring places we will never come back to. We just love to answer those questions in our minds, even if there’s no obvious benefit in it.

Moreover, nowadays these marketing guys have learned a bit about this flaw in us. They train themselves to write and show images (Yep, memes) that take your attention in seconds which is called copywriting (an important skill to learn) and they use it to trigger that curiosity inside you and take you to a website, profile or trap you into a sell offer.

The bright side of this force

The thing about curiosity is that it moves you to an uncomfortable place, we will call it “the novice podium” and is more common when you get your nose into something that you find attractive to you but is actually a skill, profession or knowledge a bit too hard to learn in one read or a simple youtube video. 

For some people, this is the way they find their passion or their significant other, but for most is just another knowledge or item that you might not use in the future. Now, what can you do with this information now stuck in your brain? 

Well, you can just dump it or…. you can teach and create awesome content with it. 

Why is it so awesome then? Wouldn’t you prefer to acquire knowledge from an expert in the field or a verified article? 

According to these amazing guys from the hustle, a curious novice is really important as is just one step above the average reader so the abysm that is often created from an expert point of view to the novice that is reading becomes a stair step and it seems more likely to achieve that thing that your curiosity led you to find.

Be curious and don’t worry to be a curious novice. One day you’ll be the expert, but right now enjoy those things where your curiosity takes you.

Written by johanam

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