Sept. 22, 2021

*frantic cleaning noises*

This Sunday is my dad's birthday. He would have been 75, but unfortunately passed away unexpectedly in early June. My dad's only dying wish was that his ashes be mixed with my mom's (she died in August 2000). So my brother texts me Tuesday night to say he wants to come over on Sunday to do the mixing and a little memorial thing with the family.

How do I say no to that? It's Dad's birthday and my brother actually remembered without having to ask me the exact date (as he usually does with birthdays and death dates).

Problem is there are eight people that live in this very cramped house. Five of those people are complete slobs. Me and my younger two daughters are the only ones that ever clean the house. Well, the 18yo has been mostly staying with her boyfriend who lives in Oregon. Neither of them drive so if she wants to come home, she has to find a ride willing to drive 45 minutes to get her and 45 minutes back. And my other daughter has like 8 tests this week and needs to study.

My chronic fatigue has become a serious issue now. I tried to clean up the downstairs today but didn't get very far with it. I straightened up the kitchen yesterday so today, I only needed to unload/load the dishwasher and straighten up the stuff collecting on the breakfast counter and dining room table. I also emptied the trash and cleaned up spilled catfood all over. Then I picked up toys in the living room, put all the shoes away, swept the foyer, and vacuumed the hallway and part of the living room (couldn't finish because it required picking up/moving too much stuff).

That took over an hour in the morning then a break then another 30-40 minutes followed by another break. After that, I started cleaning the carpets. The hall goes from the front door to the living room and the tan carpet looked black in places. It was so gross. I'm starting to vibe with my husband's idea to put in hardwood floors downstairs (at least in the hall). It took 45 minutes to do 2/3 of the hall (about 10 feet long by 3 feet wide).

I was absolutely exhausted by then. Thankfully, we ordered pizza for dinner because after we ate, I pretty much passed out. I was so tired, I could barely walk, felt dizzy, and walked into the doorframe trying to get to the bathroom. I literally could not see straight. I slept until 6pm and woke up with a blazing headache (as usual) and feeling just as tired. I didn't get a second wind until 9pm, but then it's too late to do any cleaning because everyone else is asleep.

Tomorrow, I need to pick up the toys again (my grandson tossed them all out as soon as he got here), pick up/move stuff in the living room to vacuum then finish cleaning the carpet in the hall and part of the living room.

I already told my 19yo son not to make plans because I have chores for him to do this weekend and texted the 18yo, begging her to come home and help me (no word back yet). I tried to get the 21yo to clean up just her crap that's all over but she ignored me. Sigh. I'm pretty much on my own. At least with pizza for dinner, there weren't a lot of dishes to do.

Even if I get most of the cleaning done, I'm going to be so exhausted Sunday, I won't know what's going on. I wish I could have gotten a little more warning than just four days.

Written by justanotherjen

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