Oct. 29, 2021

And Now I'm Sick

I swear, at least once a month, my grandson comes back from his dad's house sick with something. He catches every cold. My kids were never sick much as toddlers. He's not in daycare and neither were they at that age so I have no idea why he's getting everything there is out there (thankfully no Covid, but the poor kid has had to be tested several times already).

So, while my daughter was in the hospital, my grandson stayed at his dad's the whole time (5 days). He came back Tuesday morning with a cold. Of course. It didn't seem bad, though. They were treating it with some Vicks rub and that was about it. He seemed his normal self with a little bit of coughing and sniffling. Just your typical toddler cold.

He spent most of the day in my room watching TV or playing with Uncle Jack and Pop-Pop. But mostly he was in my room. So naturally, Uncle Jack started complaining of a sore throat the next day. And Pop-pop also complained he was feeling sick, after kissing me.

So thank you to my husband, son, and grandson because I woke up with a sore throat this morning. Why is it when other people are sick, they can't just stay away from me. My husband is the worse. It's like he HAS to share his germs and misery. Then he gets mad when I get mad because I'm never supposed to deny him kisses or whatever even if he is sick. So instead, he just doesn't tell me he's sick until after he kisses me. Now I'm sick. And when I get sick, it's not for a weekend or something like when he gets sick. I'm sick for weeks or months and the whole time he complains that I'm milking it.

No, I just have a crap immune system which is why I avoid getting sick as much as possible which is really freaking hard when you purposefully get me sick.

So far, my sore throat isn't that bad but two Aleve is only just dulling the pain, not getting rid of it. It's not super bad, though. Just scratchy and slightly swelled. I don't have a fever or any other symptoms so it's just a cold. Hopefully, I'll be over it in a week. My 15yo daughter had a sore throat last weekend for like two or three days then was fine. Hopefully, this is similar. At least when she gets sick, she isolates herself and makes sure not to give it to everyone in the house. Ugh.

Unfortunately, I don't have that luxury because I have to cook for everyone which means I'll have to cook while wearing a mask now to try not to spread it to the people not sick.

There's just always something for me. My back starts feeling better, and BAM, I'm sick.

Let's just hope it doesn't get worse and turn into pneumonia like it often does.

Written by justanotherjen

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