Feb. 28, 2020

To be a D*#@ck or not to be a D*#@ck

That is the question indeed.

Two points of view for this title. The first one that comes right to my mind it's about the documentary that I was watching last time in Youtube. It's so good I'll leave you the link but it was basically about leadership and if you really need to a dick to be a leader. For me it was the prove the freaking google really recommend us the things that we Think!!! Yeah, I've been managing for the last couple of months a company and trying to make a start up and I am trying to improve my leadership skills. Anyway, this guy says (in a short conclusion, it's a 40 min documentary come on!) that it is not indispensable or a necessity to be a dick to become a great leader, but still, is a very common feature in many good leaders. Why? well, he says that is because the real essence of a Great leader it's a strong VISION. And no, not Tony stark's vision (Such a bad joke) but a real vision of where do they want to go, who do they want to be and how they want to be seen. A strong vision of this makes them (even if they are not like that) be occasional D*#@cks or just increase the  D*#@ck   that they already had inside.

So this is my first point of view, you need to be like that to succeed? "I believe that we need to have a balance" and it's totally true but from the 0.000something of the people that really succeeds what percentage of those would tell you "yeah sure, I am a balanced person" In my experience it would be a real unicorn if you find one like that.

The second point of view is a little bit simpler. Everybody has a D*#@ck inside, very deep in their souls. Yep, even women simply because for most people, the person that we want to talk about the most is ourselves, the name that we want to hear the most is ours, and the thing that we like the most is (yes you guessed) US. For this reason, whether we want it or not, in some conversation we show a glimpse (in the fights we show it all) that little or big  D*#@ck   that we all have because is human nature. Sometimes don't fight it just let it out. But I think that progress and maturity in life is to stop those impulses and keep inside that part of us, it will burn and most of the time (even when you grow older) will need a great power of will, it's the way to show to nature that we are in control of our words, our emotions and most important, our mind.

P.D so sorry for the bad metaphor about  D*#@cks

here is the link of the documentary


Written by johanam

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