May 8, 2020

Best To Do List Ever? Organizer Revamp and Other Updates

If you have not yet tried out the Organizer to do list yet, try it out! It might actually be the best to do list out there. If you have something due today, it tells you right there. If you have something due in the future, it reminds you that you can work on it today (or you can skip it).

When you want to work on something, you just mark it as currently working on. After you are done working on it, you can either mark it as completed, or you can just mark it as "worked on", so that you are done with it for the rest of the day. The next day, the process starts over with all the skipped and worked on items being back on your to do list.

We hope this tool helps improve your productivity. We use it internally for all AYearAgo.Today items and it works wonders. You can find items we and others are working on in the Public To Dos page. Give it a try, and let us know any feedback!

We think that this To Do list is completely unique and original, if you find anything like it anywhere else, let us know, we want to check it out.

Other Updates:

  • - Adds To Do list items to user profile
  • - Updated the appearance of the Public To Dos page

Written by AYearAgoToday

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