May 9, 2020

Beta Leveling and Experience Feature Released

You might have noticed that user levels are now appearing in the Public Entries page and other pages. That's the biggest update that we have for today, user levels and experience have been added and are currently calculated based on journal entries and completed to dos. This will be expanded upon to including photos, log entries, and possibly even comments.

Users start off at level 1 and they progress forward in levels at a reasonable rate, not too hard, and not too easy. For example they need to write two entries to reach level 2, another two to reach level 3, but then three more to reach level 4, and so on. The formula for experience and leveling we have may be updated and adjusted overtime before being finalized, so you may see your own level change abruptly. You can see the amount of experience points you have in your profile.

Other updates today:

  • - To Dos added to user downloaded backups
  • - Homepage details and slideshow have been updated
  • - Logs added to user profiles
  • - Several pages have been optimized

Let us know if you encounter any issues, or have any feedback or suggestions!

Written by AYearAgoToday

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