May 10, 2020

Photos in Journals, Organizer is now Planner, and other updates

@Shaiduck requested the ability to upload mulitple photos to journal entries, and we have added that feature today. You can now upload photos from the journal pages, without having to manually go to the photos page! If you want to give it additional details such as a title and description, you can, but those were never required.

Any photos you attach to a journal entry will now share the "Visibility" setting of that journal entry. If your journal is set to private, the photos attached to it will be set to private too. If you publish that journal end set the visibility to public, the photos will automatically also have a public visibility.

In other news, the Organizer has been renamed to Planner, as that name seemed more appropriate.

Other updates:

  • - A welcome email is now automatically sent when a user registers
  • - Todos in the "Completed Today" section now show the time they were completed

As always, let us know if you encounter and bugs or issues, or if you have any suggestions or feedback! The next most commonly requested feature is a like button, which we are thinking about how we can add.

Written by AYearAgoToday

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