May 13, 2020

Angering People on Discord

9:42 PM

So like I mentioned in yesterday's entry, I joined some Discord groups. These were weight loss Discord groups because I made a weight loss related video and this is where I wanted to share them. In one of the groups I just posted a picture of what I ate in a day in one of these groups, and it was a bit over 3000 calories, and everyone got soooo mad because it was high in calories, there was total outrage in the entire weight loss server.

Anyway I am so sleepy right now, but I still have homework due. I'm going to have to finish the homework next. I really just want to go to sleep, but that is not a choice because there's homework due tonight.

8:18 PM (of Wednesday, May 14th 2020)

Okay I'm back, I was so tired and sleepy last night, and then I had homework due on top of that. Anyway I'll start writing again in the voice as if today were May 13th. So today I actually woke up at around 3 AM, I fell asleep at around 10 PM the night before, and then I just woke up. That's the problem with sleeping "early" for me, is that I tend to still wake up. 5-6 hours after I go to sleep. That's why 12 AM is probably the better time for me to sleep, because then I wake up at 6-7 AM.

But anyway in that discord group, I just posted a photo of what I ate yesterday and I posted "this is what I ate yesterday" and it was so much food to most people in the group, that it was total insanity right after. I didn't even know anyone else was online because the rest of the discord group was totally silent, no activity in the other channels. Right after I posted that, BOOOOOOOOOOM like 5 other people started replying at once LOLOLOL. Total hilarity, everyone just piled on me. I exchanged conversation with them for a while and learned that I was eating too much, so I'll adjust what I eat based on their feedback and reduce the calories, add in more vegetables because I had none.

I still almost got banned just for posting that. Oh my gosh man. That was the experience. That was quite the experience. All those photos of what I ate on the 12th are posted in the logs page by the way:

And the thing is, that wasn't even a lot of food to me. It was a well under what I would normally eat in a day. I cooked up some vegetables that morning and had it with rice. It was a lot less calories than normal (it was just 50 calories per cup of vegetables), I had 4 cups of vegetables with 2 cups of rice, and it filled me up pretty well. This is photographed in my May 13th what I ate today photo. I admit though that I felt so hungry after 2 PM, but I chose to not eat anything until work was done. So that lasted me through that evening.

After that, I went out cycling. I also told myself I'd only eat after I bicycled, but I was already at my day's calorie limit. Anyway I went out and bicycled while starving. I didn't know whether to go far or close, and because I saw so many people outside on the sidewalks, I decided to just bicycle around the neighborhood so I could avoid as many people as possible. It was so freaking boring. After circling what felt like a million times, I looked at my watch and only 15 minutes had elapsed. Couple that with being hungry, and I didn't know if I could do it anymore. Since I was just in the neighborhood, it would take me literally just a few seconds to get home anytime I wanted to go back. After around 30 minutes and a bit over 4 miles of looping around, I went back home.

I ate some dinner which was more vegetables and rice. Food tastes so much better when you're eating it after starving and exercising. The thing is, even though I did eat 3000+ calories that day, two days before that I probably ate 6000+ calories, and I still lost weight every day since!!! I've been weighing myself both morning at night, and I lose weight even at 3000 calories. It's something I noticed with losing weight that for me, if I add in some exercise and just eat the same food I always eat, even if it's 3000 calories, I still lose weight.

Those people in the Discord group were yelling at me telling me telling me if I ate anything over 2250 calories, even if I added in exercise, I would still gain weight. My fitness watch said that my bike rides burn 600+ calories, they said that the fitness watch was wrong and implied I actually burn 0 calories on my bike rides. They implied that by completely negating exercise from my TDEE (total daily energy expenditure). When I calculated my TDEE it was 3250 calories. They were like, NO YOUR TDEE IS 2250 IF YOU EAT OVER THAT YOU WILL GAIN WEIGHT!!! Even though from personal experience and experimentation, I can guarantee that I lose weight if I ate 3000+ calories and just added in exercise, I wasn't going to argue though because I would have gotten banned. One of the mods was already so angry with me from something I said yesterday.

I just gave in and said okay, I'll try out your 1750 calories. You know what I experienced? Since I normally ate 3000+ calories on the regular and do not gain any weight!!! I even eat 4000+ to 6000+ some days and still do not gain weight!! Since I dropped it from 3000+ calories to basically half, and because I chose not to eat during work hours, and because I chose to ride my bike before I ate dinner, I was soooooooooooo hungry that day.

Anyway due to that, I decided the next day I would try to adhere to a lower calorie amount, but I won't starve myself at 1750 calories immediately. They also suggested I should wean my way towards it, just by cutting calories until I eventually get there. I think that makes sense.

So after that I had homework. I worked on it and it took me a few hours to complete. It was so boring. I really really really just wanted to go to sleep more than anything. As I was writing an essay, I don't even know how good it was, but I think the ideas would be profound to some people. I wrote about 9/11 and how American conspiracy theorists believe in their conspiracies because they couldn't be led to believe a foreign enemy would have this much power to damage their nation. So they believe things such as it was the United States government who was in charge of all the operations and had planned it years in advance. Then when Osama Bin Laden admitted he was responsible for 9/11 in 2004, the conspiracy theorists then concluded Osama Bin Laden was part of the CIA, again just giving more control to America because they could not be lead to believe any other nation would have this capability to damage the United States.

I had to get evidence and articles and journal articles for that essay. I was dozing off as I was writing that essay, and I won't be surprised if in the paper there's some gibberish like "asdf ashshs htsha hsaf asd fghi" when I look at it again later. I was seriously lapsing in and out of sleep as I wrote it. When I finally finished that conclusion I didn't care about anything else, I just wanted to sleep!! I shut down the computer instantly after that and didn't even bother closing any other windows or logging out of anything or saving anything, just instant shut down and sleep.

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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