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CS50 Study Log

My Father has been worried about my current apathy and lack of motivation to do anything besides binge eating stories so he suggested I try Harvard's free online course on the introduction to computer science. This is a log tracking how far I get before giving up. You can also check out the course at this link if you're intrested:

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Aislene (Lvl. 10)

razanei's raiders

Flight Rising log. Not lore-based; just a place to post plans, hatchlings, and miscellaneous thoughts about the game.

Latest Entry: Jan. 4, 2023

December acquisitions: Finally it’s NotN time! As expected, this was a busier month for acquisitions. We only picked up two baby nocs (Spud and Aristide), but we also wound up keeping several longterm hibden residents (Tristezza and Chelic, born here, and Arpelia and Valentino, fodder buys). Bought ...

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Achaius (Lvl. 33)

sun stealers

Chronicle of the Sun Stealers, a wolf pack originating in the deciduous forests of eastern Wolvden.

Latest Entry: Dec. 23, 2022

[Pancake’s tale: the sun's light endures] The Suntouched are no more. The brotherhood of the light was shattered by the cataclysm. Rumor said they returned to the stars from whence they came. Except one small ray of light did not quite make it to the stars, and instead landed here. We named him Panc...

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Tracking any exercises

Latest Entry: Oct. 13, 2022

Arms 25 curls each side - 10lb weight Legs 25 squats Body 15 modified sitting ab crunches

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Dribbs (Lvl. 5)

Books Read in 2022 Log

This is just for me and whoever else wants to see what I’m reading these days and what my ratings are of the books I’ve rated.

Latest Entry: Sept. 30, 2022

September 2022
- All Good People Here - Ashley Flowers

- Heartstopper: Volume Two - Alice Oseman

- Bridge of Souls - Victoria Schwab


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pokemon go buddy log

Fitness club all-stars: (1) Arazi the Haxorus @ 811 km, (2) Vincenzo the Noivern @ 693 km, Lord Frith the Tyranitar @ 626 km

Latest Entry: June 25, 2022

Lemme tell you what I’m NOT grateful for today: it’s Deino Community Day. Niantic nerfed the Community Day time back to pre-pandemic levels (11 am – 2 pm) and also nerfed incense, and there was a thunderstorm the whole time so I couldn’t go out. I didn’t get a shiny >:| At least I’m not the only ...

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Achaius (Lvl. 33)

🎨 Art Log

Latest Entry: Feb. 1, 2022

I said my butthole has bangs. So I drew it and other perverd stuff. XD

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Daddels (Lvl. 13)

𝕯𝖎𝖆́𝖗𝖎𝖔 𝖉𝖔 𝕽𝖊𝖎𝖓𝖔 𝖉𝖊 𝕳𝖆𝖑𝖎𝖈𝖆𝖗𝖓𝖆𝖘𝖘𝖔

Cotidiano do escritor narrado em linguagem interpretativa, contado no ponto de vista de personagens de Role Playing. Segue a descrição dos personagens, os colunistas do jornal: Grifo: O Vaticínio das Asas de Musgo - Com os seus olhos ardentes, fez-se profeta do ecossistema florestal, onde guarda com fervor e tremor o bioma selvagem. Siviero de Halicarnasso: Historiador, Arqueólogo de Mascotes, Mimético e Filósofo Cognitivista de Hábitos, Diárias e Afazeres. Atualmente, governante do Reino de Halicarnasso e âncora do Diário do Reino de Halicarnasso, este escreverá sobre as principais pautas que acontecem no reino de Halicarnasso. Midas: Escudeiro e combatente de maus hábitos, o Minotauro narrará suas épicas batalhas contra a preguiça, procrastinação e displicência perante a vida pessoal. Tamíris: A gata druida - aventureira pelo mundo de habitica, a felina irá escrever sobre suas principais aventuras e brincadeiras realizadas no reino de habitica. Don Brayan: Un Pírata Vampirizante hispanohablante, eso muchacho hay de escribir acerca de sus aventuras en habitica contados en español. Mirai Lion: Viajante do Tempo, vêm de um futuro alternativo onde as transformações druidas eram utilizadas para finalidades nefandas, aqueles que detivessem tal conhecimento passaram a ser banidos de todas as sociedades mágicas e não-mágicas. Paulatinamente, esta classe de magos passou a se tornar pouco numerosa e excluída do restante da sociedade. Porém, com a exclusão dos druidas, um novo problema surgiu: A supercopulação de animais selvagens. A humanidade, com razoável avanço em seus conhecimentos de Engenharia Genética, decide criar um agrupamento de seres inteligentes e antropomorfizados, a fim de arrebanhar instintivamente as mais diferentes espécies que estão superpopuladas. Para obter êxito em tal missão, este personagem em particular, dado a sua força e sagacidade em enfrentar a mais ferroz das batalhas, é recrutado para participar de misteriosas missões de exploração. A origem e concepção deste personagem ainda é desconhecida aos cidadãos de habitica de nosso tempo.

Latest Entry: Jan. 13, 2022

Coluna Jornalística do Vaticínio das Asas de Musgo Musgulo - O Panda Pedra com MusgoEnquanto o Vaticínio participava do cerimonial de Conclave do Triunvirato, em Hero's Place, com os seus olhos daltônicos, o bichinho desfrutava do lustre cristalino que o lago da Floresta dos Desafios oferecia ao Pa...

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Grifo (Lvl. 7)

pokemon rejuvenation

Playthrough of the fangame Pokemon Rejuvenation with my Wolvden pack members (and possibly other wolves) as pokemon.

Latest Entry: Dec. 16, 2021

Gym 4 – Narcissa [Ghost] – Level Cap: 35 Team:
- Castleberry the Pangoro – Descendant of Raubritter/Jack and the finisher for the Lightbringer squad. Scrappy (can hit ghost-types) & 31 attack IVs. He was our opener against Drifblim (Magic Seed + Unburden). First turn, Drifblim opens with Hypnosis; C...

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Achaius (Lvl. 33)

Things I Have Accomplished Today

Making note of the small things and big things I accomplish every day, so I can see how my patterns fall. Thinking, biorhythms.

Latest Entry: Dec. 14, 2021

Did two loads of dishes in dishwasher did one load of dishes by hand did two loads of laundry had a salad didn't spend money ate delicious food updated my looking for sections on a couple dating apps did the cat litter took the trash out picked up a little bit of the living room moved the Book Box f...

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kdelz (Lvl. 5)


Dream journal.

Latest Entry: Dec. 9, 2021

I was browsing Wolvden and coming up with ideas for book crossover events. I thought it would be neat to have a Cruel Prince collab where your lead wolf goes to Faerie, and everyone there has been turned by a curse into a wolf, mostly as a plot device because your wolf is ofc only going to interact ...

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Achaius (Lvl. 33)

🥑 Avocado Log

I want to try something new and what's more beautiful than watching something grow with your help?

Latest Entry: Nov. 10, 2021

It's open!

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Daddels (Lvl. 13)

🧠 Learning Log

It is important for the brain to learn, because this keeps us fit.

Latest Entry: Nov. 9, 2021

- Give the div the class relative and then the child of the div the class absolute.

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Daddels (Lvl. 13)

💕 Self Love Log

Nothing is more important than you and because of that I will work on my self-awareness.

Latest Entry: Nov. 6, 2021

I asked if I could get to know Gina's boyfriend.

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Daddels (Lvl. 13)

🧘🏻‍♂️ Meditation Log

Latest Entry: Nov. 1, 2021

I meditated with the help of InnerHour for 8 minutes long. I didn't had a single thought. The only thing I felt was a deep sadness inside of me.

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Daddels (Lvl. 13)

Food log (Oct 18 - Jan 17)

This food log is for the purpose of documentation requirement for the subject PHED

Latest Entry: Nov. 2, 2021

November 1, Mon Breakfast -skipped Lunch -pancit Dinner adobo

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s_t_4_r (Lvl. 23)

Friendship bracelet log

Log all the friendship bracelets you make! Includes alphas, normal patterns, keychains and everything else to do with it. Progress shots are welcome too.

Latest Entry: Oct. 29, 2021

I got more embroidery floss! I managed to find a cheap website in Sweden that has pretty okay prices for embroidery floss, so I ordered some. Not just a pack of colors I didn't have, but also a pack of gradient ones! They're mostly black or white to color and back, but they look really pretty as bac...

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Fullmetal61 (Lvl. 6)

Exercise log

This log is for the purpose of documentation requirement for the subject PHED

Latest Entry: Oct. 27, 2021

Oct 27, Wed was planning to do exercise today, but then i had cramps

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s_t_4_r (Lvl. 23)

Greyfeather Pack

Records of the Greyfeather Pack, a wolf pack originating from the western mountains of Wolvden.

Latest Entry: Sept. 12, 2021

- Autumn, Year 3 - It is now about a month into autumn. The weather is quickly turning cooler and snow is becoming far more common in the mountains. Some of the hare and other pet species are beginning to grow their winter coats and our team is making plans to tear down our camp for the winter. Mos...

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Chantaey (Lvl. 5)

Healthy eating

Latest Entry: Sept. 10, 2021

Zosui (Japanese rice soup) A vegan/vegeterian adaptable soup recipe from japan which is hearty and simple. It is easily customisable, as you can use whatever leftovers you have and the rice can be pre cooked. Ingredients
- 6,6 dl Chicken/mushroom stock

- 2 tsp Soy sauce

- 1/2 tsp Salt

- 1,5 dl ...

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Fullmetal61 (Lvl. 6)

Food For Thought

Just a log of the meals I make and possibly eat. I have chronic fatigue which makes it hard for me to do anything. I save my energy to be able to cook for my family, but I've developed some other health issues involving food and now I'm too anxious to eat any of it.

Latest Entry: May 5, 2021

LUNCH: Cheeseburger and Fries from Sonic DINNER: Broccoli Cheese Soup

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justanotherjen (Lvl. 36)

slay the spire

Analysis of my Slay the Spire runs. Not planning to maintain this long-term, but it's a useful learning tool while I'm still getting the hang of the game.

Latest Entry: April 8, 2021

Watcher 1 - defeat vs. the Heart: Apparently, the Daily Climb can unlock Ascension Mode. Okay, sure! My deck had zero defense and just kind of bowled through things at high speed. I used a divinity potion + Ragnarok to bypass Time Eater's enrage, which might not have been the smartest use of resour...

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Achaius (Lvl. 33)

Skyshine Pack Litter Tracker

Tracking the births and litters in Skyshine Pack! Stud/father: Pup Number: Females: Males: Bred For: Keeping: Pup 1: Carrier status: Starting stats: Gender: Base: Markings: Pup 2: Carrier status: Starting stats: Gender: Base: Markings: Pup 3: Carrier status: Starting stats: Gender: Base: Markings: Pup 4: Carrier status: Starting stats: Gender: Base: Markings: Pup 5: Carrier status: Starting stats: Gender: Base: Markings: Pup 6: Carrier status: Starting stats: Gender: Base: Markings:

Latest Entry: March 14, 2021

Ash Litter 4? Stud/father: Nightfrost Pup Number: 4 (Once chased) Females: 2 Males: 1 Bred For: Stats, heirs Keeping: Yes Pup 1: Silver Birch Carrier status: Non carrier Starting stats: 400 Gender: Female Base: Steele, Monochrome Medium II Markings: 5 Pup 2: Aspen Carrier status: Non carrier S...

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Juniper (Lvl. 3)

Random Art Log

I'll just pop my random art pieces in here, enjoy!

Latest Entry: March 12, 2021

3-d letters made with, my main art tool

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Juniper (Lvl. 3)

exercise log

just to track how much and how often I move around

Latest Entry: March 2, 2021

Planning on eating more soup to incorporate more veggies into my diet. I need to stabilize my water intake instead of confusing my body. Tomorrow I will go on a hike in the woods and then do a few stretches / use my resistance bands. This should be gentle enough to not give me massive cramps near th...

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ZED (Lvl. 9)

3 hours Phone Detox

try it for a week start: 23.02.21

Latest Entry: Feb. 23, 2021

Today I did even 4 hours of Phone Detox in a row today. And I am planning to do even more.

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PhyllisSango (Lvl. 2)


Latest Entry: Feb. 9, 2021

On Bodies, Corporeal and Otherwise by Fuuma_san Short novel 30k words 09:20-10:30 5 chapters 13:45-14:45 7 chapters Rather neat idea with the eyes and lace. Need to come back and leave review to author. Possibly worth keeping physical copy on book shelf

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Mekachu04 (Lvl. 11)


Q,n,A On saturday the 22 comment on my latest post going up today

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CHRISLACEY12345678910 (Lvl. 3)

På Norsk - One Line a Day

For my Norwegian studies. One line a day (minimum) in my target language without the use of google translate. Words I don't know will be caps'd.

Latest Entry: Jan. 14, 2021

Jeg se på anime og litt sov.

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pixiqing (Lvl. 17)


Game log- so that my journal is not flooded with it once I start playing. And then sort of my own Wikipedia... Trick list Nintendogs+Cats: June 29, 2020 Perfekte Umwelt: June 30, 2020

Latest Entry: Nov. 11, 2020

I had played Spyro 1, 2 and three and ACNH but not recorded anything. To sum up:
- There were fireworks, since then I run arounf with the light balls that remind me of insects, so I say I'm a moth

- Pumpkins in Oct that i didn't stock up on seeds and now don't have all four colours

- pumpkin rec...

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Plesi` (Lvl. 36)

Chores Done - 2020

Chronic illnesses leave you with little energy for things you enjoy, let alone chores... this is what I've gotten done while dealing with chronic fatigue, severe mental illness, and hypertension.

Latest Entry: Nov. 5, 2020

- made bed

- fed cats

- made coffee

- organized dirty dishes

- emptied trash in kitchen

- took garbage bin to curb

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justanotherjen (Lvl. 36)

Fun Stuff - 2020

When you have chronic illnesses, even doing fun things can be too much... this is all the non-chores I got done this month.

Latest Entry: Nov. 4, 2020

What I Played Today:
- Sims 4 (build mode)

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justanotherjen (Lvl. 36)

Thins I learned today

To record tings I learned to look back later, and see, what I once learned and forgot again 😂 Blender-Manual: July 31

Latest Entry: Sept. 23, 2020

We are looking forward to hearing for you - colloquial We look forward to hearing from you - formal

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Plesi` (Lvl. 36)

Plants 🌱

Recording plant growth :D

Latest Entry: Oct. 16, 2020

Didn't water for some time, because of new room probably less sun, they look bad. Watered them now and put onto windorse.

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Plesi` (Lvl. 36)

BFRB Challenge weekly check-in

this is for me to keep track of my progress in the BFRB Challenge by Zelda on Habitica (updated every Sunday)

Latest Entry: Sept. 27, 2020

worst week since joining the challenge because i'm stressed about moving but i'm focusing again on my thinking towards it and telling myself "i can but i want to do this thing instead" which works quite well, especially if i remind myself i'll have more time to do the thing i actually want to if i d...

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Inkysplodge (Lvl. 23)


intoMINT Project Progress

Latest Entry: Aug. 28, 2020

Lvl: 41 Minties: 1592 Submitted projects:
- Pls
Corrected projects:
- Der "Fingerabdruck" eines Bakteriums - Teil 1: von der Zelle zur DNA

- Der "Fingerabdruck" eines Bakteriums - Teil 2: Wie DNA mit Hilfe der PCR vervielfältigt wird

- Der "Fingerabdruck" eines Bakteriums - Teil 3: di...

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Plesi` (Lvl. 36)


Latest Entry: Aug. 19, 2020

We went to dm during the off lesson and to several bakeries. I got this muffin and my friends said they knew i was gonna get that 😂 Mom grew Kolrabi and the apple is from the tree

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Plesi` (Lvl. 36)

School Study Log

Whenever I do homework or study things for school, whatever I did will be added here.

Latest Entry: Aug. 17, 2020

I studied for and took a finals exam today for business class. I got an 85% on the finals, roughly, and about 87% overall for the class.

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JustMegawatt (Lvl. 62)

Personal Study Log

Anything I'm Studying and/or Learned About Today (not related to school) will be added here.

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JustMegawatt (Lvl. 62)

Exercise Log

I'll put my daily exercises that I do here!

Latest Entry: Aug. 17, 2020

I only walked 1100 steps today

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JustMegawatt (Lvl. 62)

Practice Log

This is where I keep track of what I’ve practiced each day.

Latest Entry: Aug. 9, 2020

I’ve stopped making new logs because I could just talk about what I practiced in my journal, :P.

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Quarter (Lvl. 18)

Running 3k timing

3k is my recent goal, first time, last week I did it in 17 min Goal is to do it in less than 5 min

Latest Entry: July 23, 2020

Wednesday 22 july 3.1 Km 18 min not so precise

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johanam (Lvl. 17)

Biking to work

First time biking to work, I'll be doing it Tuesday, Thursdays and saturdays. Improve my time and my effort (Although is pretty good already, I guess) 7.8 Km in 30 min, elevation 168 m

Latest Entry: July 22, 2020

FIRST DAY recorded in strava going 7.45 km, elevation 163 m 30 min avg/speed 14.8 km/h coming 7.84 Km in 30 min, elevation 108 m 13 km/h

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johanam (Lvl. 17)


Things I am thankful for.

Latest Entry: June 21, 2020

- Didn't miss my buses both days at the weekend

- Getting on great with the new system

- Work writing me down as unscheduled and not sick on Thursday when I left Ill

- Work for putting my shifts back to the original agreement

- Mum sending me new face masks

- My thumper hot water bottle


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spooningwithfibro (Lvl. 8)


A collection of all the movies I've watched since starting ""

Latest Entry: June 18, 2020

1. pokemon detective pickachu

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spooningwithfibro (Lvl. 8)

Example Photography Log

This is an example of what a log can look like. You can imagine it as the log of someone that takes photos every day (these are just photos found online though)

Latest Entry: May 6, 2020

I really like going out and taking pictures of nature.

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AYearAgoToday (Lvl. 17)