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Food For Thought

Just a log of the meals I make and possibly eat. I have chronic fatigue which makes it hard for me to do anything. I save my energy to be able to cook for my family, but I've developed some other health issues involving food and now I'm too anxious to eat any of it.

Latest Entry: July 5, 2020

BREAKFAST:- Warm Dutch Apple Pie (sans ice cream)
DINNER:- Papa Murphy's Thin Crust Pizza with Pepperoni, Sausage, Onions and Green Pepper
SNACK:- Potato Chips (so bad)

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justanotherjen (Lvl. 6)

Fun Stuff - June/July 2020

When you have chronic illnesses, even doing fun things can be too much... this is all the non-chores I got done this month.

Latest Entry: July 5, 2020

Things I Watched:
DuckTales (2017) - s2e7, s2e8 (didn't finish because grandson had to go to bed)

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justanotherjen (Lvl. 6)

Practice Log

This is where I keep track of what I’ve practiced each day.

Latest Entry: July 6, 2020

- Completed until lesson 300
- Didn't practice piano nor develop my ear

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Quarter (Lvl. 8)

Fitness, Diet, and Body Log

All my: exercise, food intake, and measurements.

Latest Entry: July 5, 2020

Walking...13k steps (2k not recorded in the morning).
Handstands and L sits from the RR.


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lays_chips (Lvl. 4)

Chores Done - June/July 2020

Chronic illnesses leave you with little energy for things you enjoy, let alone chores... this is what I've gotten done while dealing with chronic fatigue, severe mental illness, and hypertension.

Latest Entry: July 5, 2020

- made bed
- filled dishwasher
- unclogged kitchen sink
- scrubbed a burnt dish
- scrubbed around one burner of the stove

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justanotherjen (Lvl. 6)

Exercise Log

I'll put my daily exercises that I do here!

Latest Entry: July 4, 2020

Walked for about 40 minutes taking over 5000 steps.

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JustMegawatt (Lvl. 19)

School Study Log

Whenever I do homework or study things for school, whatever I did will be added here.

Latest Entry: July 2, 2020

Today I completed a learning journal homework assignment. We basically had to write about feedback and examples of good and bad feedback that we got, and what the determining factors were between the two.

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JustMegawatt (Lvl. 19)

Personal Study Log

Anything I'm Studying and/or Learned About Today (not related to school) will be added here.

Latest Entry: No Entries Yet

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JustMegawatt (Lvl. 19)


Dream journal.

Latest Entry: June 26, 2020

[[ Note to self: Shiny pokemon do not show up as shiny on the world map. If you see a shiny pokemon on the world map, it's a dream-tell. ]]

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Achaius (Lvl. 14)


Things I am thankful for.

Latest Entry: June 21, 2020

- Didn't miss my buses both days at the weekend
- Getting on great with the new system
- Work writing me down as unscheduled and not sick on Thursday when I left Ill
- Work for putting my shifts back to the original agreement
- Mum sending me new face masks
- ...

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spooningwithfibro (Lvl. 6)

pokemon go buddy log

Fitness club all-stars: (1) Lord Frith the Tyranitar @ 626 km, (2) Meracydia the Hydreigon @ 514 km, (3) Einkorn the Conkeldurr @ 408 km

Latest Entry: June 20, 2020

Meanwhile, best buddy #1 on my alt: Jackanape the Riolu. Still a Riolu because I evolved one with better IVs. I didn't mean to best buddy two pokemon of the same line; it just kinda happened.

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Achaius (Lvl. 14)


A collection of all the movies I've watched since starting ""

Latest Entry: June 18, 2020

1. pokemon detective pickachu

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spooningwithfibro (Lvl. 6)

Exercise log

Doing home exercises for June

Latest Entry: June 3, 2020

1 minute plank
30s Side plank (left)
30s Side plank (right)
7x pumping

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elvena_art (Lvl. 7)

Example Photography Log

This is an example of what a log can look like. You can imagine it as the log of someone that takes photos every day (these are just photos found online though)

Latest Entry: May 6, 2020

I really like going out and taking pictures of nature.

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AYearAgoToday (Lvl. 12)