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razanei's raiders

Flight Rising log. Not lore-based; just a place to post plans, hatchlings, and miscellaneous thoughts about the game.

Latest Entry: July 4, 2024

June acquisitions: [+9, -3] did I really say I was cultivating a more intentional lair ahahaha wharblgarbl *keeps boatloads of fodder* ALSO NEW MODERN WHOAAAA Bought (5):
- Marlamin (June 3, 5g): female aether | sky flaunt | rose flicker | grapefruit stained
[added: pastel eyes]
Big fan of sky flaun...

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food experiment log

Roommate pointed out I’m kind of in a rut food-wise. I order the same groceries, cook the same (simple) foods, and don’t try anything new. You know, everything I cook was once “new” and “experimental,” even something as basic as sauteing mushrooms and onions to add to pasta sauce. Point is, I can and should try new things.

Latest Entry: July 1, 2024

Corn fritters Here’s the recipe from the baby book. (The original recipe had quantities, but I just winged it)
- Mix flour and egg to create a thick batter.

- Season with old bay seasoning + red jalapeno garlic.

- Add canned corn.

- Fry large spoonfuls on a pan at medium-high heat.
They were de...

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Series Log

Latest Entry: May 2, 2024

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Reading Log

Latest Entry: May 2, 2024

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Azulee (Lvl. 4)

French dialogues that I write

Latest Entry: March 20, 2024

A: Lequel de ces gars est ton copain? B: Mon copain a les cheveux courts et noirs. A: Est-ce que Marc est ton copain? B: Non. Mon copain est le garçon qui a les yeux marron. Marc a les yeux verts. A: Ah... Est Jean-Paul ton copain? B: Non, non... Jean-Paul est petit. Mon copain est grand. A: Mais il...

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Draw log

Practice and take notes of learning how to draw

Latest Entry: March 12, 2024

More Chibi practice and somes lines practice and shape practice. Also attempted some doodles.

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Silentnight (Lvl. 10)

Spanish Log

Practice spanish everyday, take notes of new words and grammar rules

Latest Entry: Feb. 26, 2024

Present tense Verb endings change depending on subjedt “ speak - > hablo/hablas/hablas” Yo - > hablo Tú - > hablas Él/ella - > habla More words! El maestro - > teacher EL libro - > book La escuela - > school El bolígrafo - > pen Facíl - > easy Examen - > exam...

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🥑 Avocado Log

I try my best to make a avocado bonsai on my own.

Latest Entry: Jan. 10, 2024

Now it's time to bend the plant.

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sun stealers

Chronicle of the Sun Stealers, a wolf pack originating in the deciduous forests of eastern Wolvden.

Latest Entry: Nov. 28, 2023

[Wolf spotlight: Insatiable squad] [The Reckoning > Rule the World > The Black Brigade > The Howling > Neverending Strife > Roundtable Rival > Insatiable] Our OG hunting squad enters its seventh generation with its highest stats yet (because three of them are RavenWalker grandpups,...

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Dream journal.

Latest Entry: Oct. 30, 2023

I was on vacation, behind on my hunts because we’d been traveling all day. In the car, heading to the hotel where we were spending the night, I pulled out my phone and discovered to my frustration that I couldn’t send out hunts—the interface was strange, everything was in the wrong place. At the hot...

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Word count for Nanowrimo

This is where I will keep track of my daily Word count for Nanowrimo

Latest Entry: No Entries Yet

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cataclysms leaderboard watch hub

Containment zone for all my ramblings about the leaderboard during August’s cataclysms event.

Latest Entry: Aug. 31, 2023

End of month report! (tbh I did a lot less leaderboard watching than I did last year; perhaps I didn’t need a whole containment zone) These stats were recorded at 1 am, an hour before rollover, so they may be slightly inaccurate if anyone was up until RO last-minute grinding. The three big guarana u...

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