May 15, 2020

Meditation has been almost as good as writing for me.

Ok well, balanced day, and damn meditation really works.

A really important day for my investments, lost some more money but I believe that it's like a payment for my learning process on it. Trading in forex or the stock market is very hard and I'm learning a lot for free, kinda, with a guy that makes live trading on youtube. I love that is small, less than 2k people watch the stream, becaust that makes him behave just as he is with all his experience but not with the fame that other people that teach trading have and that makes them more arrogant and badly confident in themselves.

Anyway, it was very stressfull today. With trading I see many new from around the world and in this times that is stressing as hell. 36.5 Million people without job in US, here in Guatemala putting more strict lockdown measures and despite all that, the market is soaring, it's just crazy.

I also get a lot of different points of views and I'm realizing that I have to put stop to that little by little because it's to much and very often makes my own point of view shallow and unimportant.

But yeah, lose more money, made a really lousy final test (hopefully I still pass the class), but actually I redeemed myself a little bit in the afternonon. I did my best to keep going with my challenge (Is getting harder) and I didn't lose time in youtube. Most important, I did my exercises after all and a little bit of meditation which really quite me off from all the worries from the day. Is actually one of the best things that has happened to me just to meditate 10 min a day everyday, is almost as good as writing.

Tomorrow will be a new day and I'll do better, I'll be better and I'll seize the day! (I'll try not to overwhelmed mylsef also).

Written by johanam

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