Feb. 29, 2020

About Stars

Stars are big balls of energy shining all over the sky, they are there to supposedly give us light ( that now we have), and maybe not physical light anymore but stories, metaphors and pure hope and vastness that actually enlighten our souls.

Looking at them tonight I was thinking, which one was brighter than the rest, actually there were a couple of them brighter but that thought made me realize that those really bright ones are not just brighter than the ones we can see, but way brighter than the billions that we don't see. And no, I'm not getting into all the physics (distance, size of the star etc etc) but just to think that this is a little bit like humanity.

I want to be one of the greatest in something in my life, I haven't decided in what (and that might cost me in the future) but I WANT AND I WILL BE GREAT (coming a quote from whiplash movie)

"-I wanna be great!

-and you're not ?(says the girl)

-(the guy rolls his eyes) I want to be ONE OF THE GREATEST"

The girl makes a common reference that you will be great only if you believe that you're great, and that's true for most, but the guy wanted to take it to the next level... And he did.

So this is what I got from the stars today, I realized that people actually want to be great and I'm sure many has the potential, the energy, the mass of a huge star, but actually just a few will be able to stand out from the billions and be someone and fewer will be able to be one of the GREATEST. I want to do that and I won't rest until I get there. Even if I don't I will arrive somewhere different from where I was and I will be able to say, I tried.

How about you? Do you want to be a star from the billions or the shiniest in the sky?

Written by johanam

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