May 19, 2020

weekly review may 10-17

I'm also going to make this one my week review so let's get ready

Ok so, coming back from the freaking lazy weekend I want to check how my week went in General.

When you don't remember that many things on the week, at least for me, is a bad sign. It means that I didn't do the important and impactful things that I would like to. But I already wrote an article about regret so I learned a bit from that.

Anyways, it was a good weekend after all. Very slowly, but steadily, I'm climbing back the ladder of redemption. Last week was just a little bit hard, I decided not to waste to much time and I made some progress. 

Did like 4 final exams for my classes, which was not that bad but neither great, I edited the article that I uploaded to my blog, which received like 7 reads compared to the other 2 that got like 60 in total, but I uploaded it and it was another great accomplishment.

I also started to exercise again and I started to wake up again at 5:45'ish. So, yeah it was a great improvement from last week.

One of the best things! No FAP challenge started last week and I'm on my 8th consecutive day it's awesome, I'm feeling better internally but not eating all the BS that people write about this challenge (I want to make an article about it after a couple of weeks or a month, maybe).

I kind of decided also what to do with my dad's company (Now comes the hard part to execute), and did another quick sketch of my goals for the year especially making some changes mostly in financials (Investing) and writing goals because I felt that I needed a quick change and more clearness on what do I REALLY want from this two things.

Was a great week actually, but the weekend! Man, we really can not have everything we want, we have to leverage on the things that we get because when we plan you have to be sure that it will be twice as hard, twice as costly and most important, 50/50 chance that you'll execute it. I spent the weekend playing Dota 2 (great game) and installing freaking GTA 5, which made me mad as my computer doesn't support to much that type of games and it was pain in the ass to downloaded it.

But summing up everything, now that I'm looking back, it was a nice weekend and I'm happy about it like a stoic.

Written by johanam

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