By spooningwithfibro

Things I am thankful for.


June 21, 2020

- Didn't miss my buses both days at the weekend

- Getting on great with the new system

- Work writing me down as unscheduled and not sick on Thursday when I left Ill

- Work for putting my shifts back to the original agreement

- Mum sending me new face masks

- My thumper hot water bottle


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June 18, 2020

- The bus driver this morning letting me on without a mask. I completely forgot about the new Covid-19 rules - I was able to get on the bus without being late for work

- Easy emails to answer - shutting down our email system faster to use the new site

- Still allowing me to keep my job - walked...

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June 17, 2020

- Cuddles with boo

- Leaving the house on time

- My doctor surgery

- Getting meds

- Work being understanding

- Going on the new system

- Poundshop having ponchos and umbrellas

- A shower

- Boo 💜

- The toilet - for more context I vomited a lot

- When my friend in work complimented me...

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June 15, 2020

- Boo being okay with me having day off

- Cuddles

- Someone from hospital to ask if it was okay to transfer my details to another hospital to help with Physiotherapy

- The nurse advising me how to sort my ingrown toenail & fungal infection ... yay

- Tesco for having everything we needed for t...

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June 14, 2020

- X

- X

- X

- X

- X

- X

- X

- X

- X

- X


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June 13, 2020

- Learned more about the people I get on with

- Successfully made a call without messing up

- Had a funny conversation with my team leader

- My friend helped me out loads

- Brought cheap lunch

- We went through our finances, put a lot of things into perspective

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June 12, 2020

- Good day in work

- Saw someone with 1 million pounds on "Who wants to be a millionaire"

- Pizza from tesco

- Got a doughnut for being kind

- Nice night sleep

- Someone I broke friends with and started to talk again and was invited to their house warming party when settled

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June 11, 2020

- My phone; To call mum and the doctors

- A hot shower; Helps my pain

- Now TV trial; Kept me company whilst Boo was working upstairs

- Sleep; pain from today knocked me out

- My new pill organise came today; Easier for me to take my tablets with me to work and remember what day I am on

- M...

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