pokemon rejuvenation

By Achaius

Playthrough of the fangame Pokemon Rejuvenation with my Wolvden pack members (and possibly other wolves) as pokemon.


Nov. 28, 2021

Gym 3 – Marianette [Normal] – Level Cap: 30 HGR is also playing Rejuvenation. He told me rather dismissively, “Swoobat can solo the third gym.” So I brought my own Swoobat, plus Jackfruit/Moondew who are both stronger than Swoobat, and I got curbstomped. Marian’s second pokemon swept my entire team...

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Nov. 23, 2021

Gym 2 – Keta [Fighting] – Level Cap: 25 Team:
- Havoc Song the Hariyama [MVP] – Our first NBW scout. Raised him up for the factory sidequest to counter the enemy’s Porygon who was sweeping my team with Tri Attack. Then the gym leader’s Lucario was sweeping my team with rock attacks, so he got pulle...

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Nov. 15, 2021

Gym 1 – Venam [Poison] – Level Cap: 18 Winning team:
- Duskdune the Geodude [MVP] – One of my starting NBWs, a caramel chaser for the Abyss of Time. With Magnitude, he can be really good, if he feels like it. (He often doesn’t.) For the winning run, he led off by OHKOing Nidorina before she could u...

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